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Normal Sex Positions: Know how to perform or swing postures in the normal sex position during intercourse

What is sex position?

What is sex position?

Even if you say the position of sex, there are many. It is famous for standard missionary position, woman's lead woman on top posture, doggy style. There is no doubt that it is said that the position of sex affects the pleasure of sex itself. There are times when the position of such an important sex, opinions and preferences with partners are divided. Depending on the type of posture, the degree of close contact of the body will change and the place where feelings will change will also change.

It is good to be able to change the posture smoothly when you know the taste of each other, such as the posture that men can lead, the posture where women can lead, depending on how they look, and when they want to lead them. Each person, together with the size of the body, the position and combination of your choice changes. Sex life will be enriched by finding a position that suits yourself, a posture that fits your opponent.

What is a normal sex position?

What is a normal sex position?

You surely heard 48 in terms of sex. There are 48 kinds of sex position to excite the sexual life more. Among them, the most famous and easiest id normal position. this is one of the positions that are surely perform once during all sex.

In the normal position, women are under and sleeping while men are on top, facing each other face also called missionary sex position. So you can easily get the partners expressions, and continue the pleasure according to read the expression to please them. To get more pleasure, you should kiss while penetration and strokes. This is easiest, beginners love to perform this normal position. If you see, your partner not satisfied with the normal position, you may skip to next position.To understand the sexual position is easy. Before start place a pillow under your women's back. You may perform this sex position with one hand or even hand free in front of your partners face.

First, you should go to half-knee stand, make your women comfortable. When your women are comfortable, spread the women's legs and fix the vagina position. Place your erogenous part aim to women's vagina, then slightly push yourself. As women concern, don't forget to ask her, "Are you feel ok", "Does it hurt". If she said yes, please slow down the speed. women take time to feel comfortable. During root sex, you may please the women by hugging them, kissing them, massage her breasts or nipples. It improves the fun and mood.

How to swing postures in the normal sex position

How to perform the normal sex position

In the normal position, if you want variation, skip swinging. After root insertion, your partner now becomes comfortable. The waist swing is also deep pleasurable. Women always notice how men treat women during sex, how careful he proceeds, etc.

First, take a comfortable position, place your hand on women face or shoulders. Now even with the normal position, no change the position of women, Swing the butt to get more pleasure. We can get totally different pleasure with change the normal position, by changing the angles, sides and postures.